The Tough Love I Give My Vagina

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Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash

I’ve shaved you

And cut myself in the process

I’ve waxed you and ripped your hairs out by the root

I’ve stuffed you full of cotton on strings

And I’ve stuffed you with lots of other things

I’ve been ashamed of how you look

Because I didn’t see that you were unique

You are delicate, but you are also tough and I forget this

I try to appreciate you for what you are



Delicate and tough

When you bleed sometimes

I stuff you with cotton on a string

When you don’t, I stuff you with other things

You’re my vagina, and I wish I’d been nicer

But I give you tough love

Because you’re my vagina.

Survivor of abuse | Supporter of feminism.

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